The holiday season is here, which means your home is about to have many guests. Are you ready for the peak of entertaining season? Whether you are hosting a huge Thanksgiving feast or are only expecting to have a few friends over to celebrate with a cocktail, cleaning to make your home guest ready is an important part of your preparations.

Deep cleaning your home can become overwhelming quickly, especially if you are also planning to shop, cook, and serve a meal to your visitors. However, there are a few routines you can implement early in the month to be sure that your home is ready to shine this holiday season.

Get rid of clutter
Piles of papers or clutter throughout your home can give the appearance of disorganization, and it can deter your deep cleaning efforts. Every day in November, tackle one pile, putting away each item and giving everything a home. In just a few weeks, you will have 14 less piles and more counter space to enjoy.

Clean the bathroom at least weekly
If you have a bathroom that isn’t used often, or if your family is small, you may feel you can get away without a bathroom deep clean weekly. However, your home will look better by the time the doorbell rings on Thanksgiving Day, if you commit to a deep bathroom clean at least once per week. Make sure your floors, counters, toilet, and shower is clean and looking its best!

Keep Your Kitchen Spic and Span
Your kitchen is where the cooking magic happens, so be sure it is looking great all month long. Wipe down your counters after meal preparation and service every day, and shine your sink at least once per week. These small routines will help your kitchen be ready to go long before the turkey slides into the oven.

Sometimes, your daily routine can be too busy to squeeze in a deep cleaning. Fortunately, BT Sitarz Cleaning Service is ready to step in and do the dirty work. Allow us to make your home look great for you and your guests. You will love that our service is affordable and will breathe a sigh of relief when your home looks amazing. Give us a call to set up your free consultation so that you can focus on your menu, your guests, and your memories this holiday season.

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