When BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. first began in 2007, we knew that we had a dedication to providing excellent and consistent cleaning services for the Chicagoland area. Over the past decade, we have grown our client list without compromising our dedication to giving our customers the clean space they deserve.

Family Culture

BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. started as a family business and continues as a family business today. Now operated by Dorothy Ingielewicz and Krzysztof ‘Kris’ Sitarz, daughter and son of the man who first began the business, BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. has grown to include more than just residential homes.

With long lasting partnerships with commercial buildings owned by companies throughout Chicagoland, Dorothy and Kris still treat their staff and clients like members of the family. “We always say that our staff members work with us, not for us,” says Dorothy. “We are all in this together, like a big family.”

It’s this commitment to family culture that also leads Dorothy, Kris, and the team to work with a sense of ownership in the spaces they clean. “We are invested in our client’s successful businesses,” says Dorothy. “We want their tenants to be happy and pleased with the services we provide.”

Locally Owned

BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. started in Chicagoland and continues to serve the city and suburban areas. They know the area inside and out, and are proud to serve such a large and diverse area. Residential and commercial clients are scattered throughout the suburbs and city area; Dorothy, Kris, and the team have the capability to serve anywhere in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs.

Full Spectrum of Services

Unlike other cleaning services that focus on one particular client type, BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. is proficient serving a variety of spaces. From apartments to single family homes, medical offices to commercial buildings serving multiple tenants, BT Sitarz Cleaning Service, Inc. has the experience to keep the space looking beautiful.

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