When you own a business or a commercial space, you have more to worry about than assuring your space is clean and welcoming. We have worked with commercial clients for years, specializing in large spaces even more over the past few years. Our clients, large Chicago based corporations and other family run organizations, have been continuously impressed with our cleaning services, communication, and consistency.

Our services are done without imposing on your visitors or tenants; we come at night and leave the space clean and ready for the staff or visitors arriving the next morning. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to all of our clients, and our owners are readily available to be reached any day of the week, at any time.

Here are some services that our commercial clients are accustomed to:

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-General Cleaning Services

General cleaning services

We are ready to consistently clean your space, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. During our time in your office, we give a thorough cleaning of all rooms and surfaces.

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Specialized Floor Cleaning Services

Specialized floor cleaning services

Our team offer excellent carpet cleaning as well as floor stripping to keep your space looking well maintained and presentable at all times.

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Window Washing Services

Window washing services

We specialize in commercial window cleaning, window gutter cleaning and power washing. 
BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Medical and Dental Office Cleaning Services

Medical and Dental office cleaning services

Medical and Dental offices require a different approach to cleaning, and we are experienced with making sure that your space is one to be proud of and that your clients can be confident in.

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Post-construction Clean Up

Post-construction clean up

Our team is experienced and well versed in providing cleaning after construction projects – big and small. We are sure to leave the space looking brand new.

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse cleaning

Large warehouse spaces can easily become dusty, dirty, and cluttered without the proper, attentive cleaning services. Our team is ready to provide methodical cleaning to keep your space looking great.

BT Sitarz- Commercial Services-Custom Project Services

Custom project services

Have a big open house approaching or an investor meeting you want your space to look extra great for? Our team is ready to provide you with deep cleaning or project based extra services to assure that your space looks its very best.

All our services are provided by experienced and friendly staff members. Even better, our services are reasonably priced to suit your budget. Give us a call to secure your free estimate today

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