It is a new year, which is often the perfect time to review your business budget and to set new goals for 2018. This year, take time to determine if your current cleaning plan is working for you. Here are just a few things to take into consideration as you dive into the specifics of your business cleaning situation.

Is my cleaning service easy to contact?

If you are currently using an outside cleaning service, it is imperative that the representative for the cleaning service is easy to reach. There is nothing worse than having a concern or a schedule change and not being able to reach an outside cleaning representative. If your representative is not responsive, now is the time to look for a business that offers 24/7 accessibility, like BT Sitarz Cleaning Services. Our owners are easy to reach and available for clients around the clock.

Does my business look great?

Your cleaning services should leave your business space looking great. It goes beyond dusting and removing garbage. Your space should look like it was cared for by detail oriented professionals. If your business space is not a traditional office, you should be even more diligent with your cleaning services. A warehouse, for example, that is left dusty or cluttered can be an eye sore as well as a major safety hazard for your employees.

Does my cleaning service offer minimal distractions to my staff and customers?

In our experience, cleaning services should happen after hours so as not to be a distraction to staff members or customers. This way, you can rest assured that you will walk into a sparkling office in the morning. You will not have to worry if your conference room will look great for your breakfast meeting; if you work with the team at BT Sitarz, we will work our magic after your staff leaves for the day, preparing your office for a great start in the morning.

Is the price right for my business goals?

Commercial cleaning services should not break your annual budget. In fact, it is possible to enter into a contract with a commercial cleaning service that is affordable. Give us a call to talk more about our excellent prices and hear more about our commitment to keeping your office safe, clean, and ready for your customers.

Happy New Year! Let’s work together in 2018 to make your business space look great.

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